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CBRA is committed to help educate our community about emergency preparedness in the event of a disaster, and is the sponsor of the Ballard Commons Park Emergency Communications HUB. Ballard Commons Park Emergency Communications HUB Team-
CBRA sponsors the HUB Team which will gather after a major disaster in the Ballard Commons Park to assist in the coordination of available local resources and to relay information between HUB sites and the City. Prior to emergencies the HUB team works with other HUB's to promote public education on emergency preparedness in our community.



When a disaster happens:

Ways to Prepare for a Disaster:

Ballard Commons Emergency Communication Hub

Store enough water and food for 3-7 days.

• One gallon per person per day

• Consider special diet needs

• Don't forget your pet food


Prepare a disaster kit that includes:

• A complete first aid kit with necessary

  medications and water for two (2) days

• Warm and waterproof clothing

• Tools you believe would be helpful for survival


Prepare a family disaster plan

• Designate a meeting place for when you are

  out of the house.

• Plan and practice an evacuation route from

  your home.

• Teach your younger children how to call 911

   for help.

Useful Websites:

What is an Emergency

Communication Hub?

After a disaster, volunteers will gather at a hub to:


•  Collect and provide information on local

   situations, needs, and resources.


• Assist in the coordination of local available

  resources provided by residents, businesses,

  and organizations.


• Relay information between hub sites, and to

  and from the City of Seattle's Emergency

  Operations Center (EOC).

A Hub is NOT ...

Where is your Hub?

SNAP(Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare)



Seattle Office of Emergency Management



King County Office of Emergency Management



Federal Emergency Management Agency



Seattle Red Cross




Seattle Office of Emergency Management

(206) 233-5076

• a government agency.


• an emergency shelter site.


• a fire/medic station

 (if medical help is needed, immediately go to the

nearest hospital or clinic.)


• a place to expect to find food or supplies.

Want to get involved?


• Visit Ballard Prepares at:



Prepare your family and neighborhood

for a disaster!

• Talk to your neighbors about emergency preparedness.


• Become a part of the Ballard Hub team.


• Find how Seattle neighborhoods can get prepared by

  visiting these web sites.

• It will take time for the city, county and state to get a clear picture of the impacts of the disaster. During this time, stay off all phones for a minimum of 3-5 hours following a disaster (text instead), unless you are calling 911 for a life-threatening situation.


• Stay where you are and take care of yourself and those around you, unless you have been given directions to move to a safer area.


• Listen to  an AM/FM radio to find out which roadways are available and which to avoid.

Learning some basic skills can help reduce injuries and damage to your property, as well as prepare you to take care of yourself and others.

1. Ballard Commons Park

     5701 22nd Ave NW


2. Crown Hill Park

     9089 Holman Rd NW


3. Gilman Playground

     923 NW 54th St


4. Kirke Park

     7028 9th Ave NW


5. Loyal Heights Playfield

     2101 NW 77th St


6. Shilshole Bay Marina

     7001 Seaview Ave NW



• A list of all HUBS city-wide at:






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Central Ballard Residents Association


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Crown Hill Neighborhood Association

East Ballard Community Association

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Whitter Heights Community Council

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